Keno online. Keno lottery is not difficult.

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What is Keno Online?

Online Keno Keno or Chinese lottery is similar to the game of bingo (bingo) and Thai lottery, which are already well known among Thai people, but Thai Keno may not be known by this game of Chinese lottery attracts players as well. The payout is very high, for example, you may only drop 40 baht, but you may win a prize of 4 million. You can also win a big prize.

How to play Keno

Playing Keno is super easy, you just predict the outcome of 20 balls drawn randomly from 80 balls, arranged in order from 01 to 80. Regardless of any casino website will extract the results from the official website of China (Beijing), Canada or Austria and Slovakia

In each table of Keno that we choose to play in UFABET , there will be time for betting and clear results. You can keep playing every 25 seconds, very fast results.

Rules for playing keno online

There are 3 simple rules for playing Keno.

  1. There are 80 numbers on the board.
  2. 20 numbers from 80 numbers will be drawn at random and wait to hear the results.
  3. You wait to predict the outcome that will happen. That it matches that we have placed a bet or not.

big, straight, small

  • If we predict big,  it means the result of the 20 prize draws. Combine the numbers and get a number greater than 810. If you guess correctly, you will get 1.95 times.
  • Predict that straight means the result of 20 balls, total is equal to 810, pays 108 times.
  • If you guess small  , the total number is less than 810, if you guess correctly, you will get 1.95 times.