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Yamal reveals his feelings when he was appointed Barca.

Lamine Yamal is grateful to Xavi Hernandez for giving him the chance to make his debut with Barcelona at the age of just 15. Lamine Yamal, a 16-year-old forward from Barcelona ​​has revealed his feelings. When he received the opportunity from trainer Xabi Hernandez to

Nadal reveals he wants to see Mbappe wear white.

Rafael Nadal, a big fan of Real Madrid, wants to see Kylian Mbappe sign with the Whites. The legendary Spanish striker, is well aware of the amazing talent of Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe and confessed that. He would like to see the young striker.

It’s not there anymore Greenwood hopes to win

It’s not there anymore, Man United! Greenwood hopes to win the lottery and end up in the Calcio team next season. Mason Greenwood, Manchester United ‘s underdog striker, has the right to win the big lottery. It’s a lap for Italy’s top team, Juventus, in the coming summer. When the Zebra team clearly