Sleep quality that office workers should pay attention to

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Sleep quality that office workers should pay attention to

Effective sleep should be at 6-8 hours / day because while we sleep. It’s a time when the body can fully develop its important processes. If you don’t get enough sleep Or sleep less than 6 hours / day, cumulatively may cause health problems. Including the occurrence of these diseases can follow at ยูฟ่าเบท

Diseases associated with sleep deprivation or not getting enough sleep,
obesity, insufficient sleep causes the growth system to fluctuate, causing slow satiation and an increased appetite for fatty foods, a condition in which the body accumulates more fat than normal or more than the body can burn thus accumulating the remaining energy in the form of fat in various organs which are at risk of developing health problems and is the cause of various chronic diseases

Diabetes Sleeping less than 6 hours/day results in higher blood sugar and insulin levels. Diabetes sometimes develops without any signs, slowly building up if your blood sugar isn’t checked. I wouldn’t know if it’s diabetes. Until the disease progresses a lot, then you will know. If you are worried about having diabetes Notice how the body works. Is your body weak or easily sick? If symptoms and suspect Should see a doctor for a correct diagnosis.

Effects on the body if not enough rest

  • The brain works slower, lacks concentration, resulting in decreased learning response and memory.
  • Shabby face makes the skin not bright. Dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyes
  • sexual dysfunction decreased testosterone It affects sexual performance and infertility.
    Mood swings. irritate more easily irritated
  • circulatory system and abnormal blood vessels Increase the risk of obesity high blood pressure diabetes