Nadal reveals he wants to see Mbappe wear white.

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Rafael Nadal, a big fan of Real Madrid, wants to see Kylian Mbappe sign with the Whites. The legendary Spanish striker, is well aware of the amazing talent of Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe and confessed that. He would like to see the young striker. The 25-year-old has signed with his favorite team, Real Madrid from the reveal with Kope last Thursday.

‘I want to sign Kylian Mbappe for Real Madrid, Real Madrid have a great team, apart from the injuries this year. With Mbappe they will be even better. If I can help the club in any way I can.’ Nadal said ทางเข้า UFABET

Real Madrid have both Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Junior as key players this season. Especially the English midfielder who is the club’s best player. But the value of the Brazilian forward to the Whites cannot be overlooked either.

When asked to compare Bellingham to Vinicius, Nadal replied: ‘I wouldn’t pick anyone. They’re both very talented and have different ideas.’

‘I think Vinicius is amazing and Jude Bellingham is amazing with what he has done since coming to Madrid at the age of 20. 

Nadal also congratulated Carlo Ancelotti after the Italian coach extended his contract with the club until 2026, saying:

‘It seems to me he is a gentleman and someone who conveys the right values ​​for the sport. That is sometimes difficult because sometimes there are very high demands.’

‘I like people like Ancelotti and in the teams I’m a fan of, I like people like Ancelotti.’

Nadal also praised the work of Florentino Perez, who has led the Whites to overcome obstacles since taking over as president of the club, saying: ‘The work that Florentino Perez has done is worth it. impressed In difficult situations like the epidemic Competing against clubs with unlimited resources Management of young players I don’t know how anyone could do a better job.’

Nadal previously announced his intention to be the next president of Real Madrid after Florentino Perez decided to retire. But the 37-year-old added that becoming the club’s next leader is not his first priority at the moment.

‘I’ve been a football fan all my life. But being president of Real Madrid is not in my plans right now,’ Nadal said.